2022 Indoor Simulator League: 

October 31, 2022 - December 23, 2022

You can view our Simulator League Hours & Schedule here:

Team Standings & Points: Updated on 11/22


Jim Rossman  Allen Willson 11
Darren Brown  Dylan Brown  8.5
Mike Fross Rob Schwartz 8.5
Chris Dixson  Travis Caldwell 7
Todd Smith Piercey Dyer 5
Tim Alwine  John McMillen 4
Chandler Alwine Ian Connor 4
Steve Dobbs Kurt Kiefer  3
Terry T. Smith Ron Smith 3
Nick Jaberg Hayden Sturch 3
JT Dobbs  Ben Wynkoop 3
Julie Feller Jessica Whistler 3
Greg Miller Hayden Williamson 2
Andrew Overton Cameron Bauchamp  2
Cameron Smith Chris Smith  2



Please note: The course at Rock Hollow is open depending on the weather. While Rock Hollow is open, our hours are extended for Simulator play.